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Trailer Care Tips

Expert Trailer Repair and Maintenance Tips

Keeping your trailer in the best shape possible is vital for a very safe and smooth drive. Having regular maintenance for your trailer gives a lot of benefits like extending the life of your vehicle, guaranteeing on-time delivery, and saving money from a costly trailer repair. Below are trailer maintenance tips to keep your equipment in great driving condition.

The Braking System

The brake system will function properly as long as you properly maintain it and use it correctly. And by correctly, meaning no taking off before releasing the brakes on your trailer that causes unnecessary wear and tear to the braking system.

The braking system should also be tested regularly, checking for stopping distances and out-of-adjustment brakes. The same should go for the different components that tend to wear out like drums, springs, and brake shoes. If any of the components show signs of wear and tear, replace them. Also, check your air system pressure as part of your pre-trip inspection.

Electrical and Lighting System

Carefully inspect your trailer’s electrical system to make sure there aren’t any damaged wires and everything is correctly protected and supported. If there are any damages to the wires, replace them right away with the same scale.

Rubber grommets must be used to protect all perforations for the cable. Chemicals that are commonly used for de-icing can and will damage electrical wires and connections, so rinse the equipment when you can after using these chemicals, including the underside of the trailer.

The Tires

For safe operation, a good tire condition is most important. Trailer maintenance manuals suggest checking the tires as part of all pre-trip inspection. Carrying out a visual inspection can let you determine if there are worn or damaged tires.

Replace tires that show significant wear and tear to avoid a blowout. Also, inspect tire tread depth, which should be at least 2/32 of an inch in the major grooves. Just keep in mind that measurements should not be taken from wear indicators. Also, check the tire air pressure as a precaution.

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